Welcome to Foodprincess!

If you are not familiar yet with Foodprincess, or if you ask yourself the question: why another recipe blog, please allow us to introduce you to the site.

First of all, you need to know that Foodprincess is a personal blog about cooking.

Unlike in large and renowned cookbooks, all of these recipes have been tested and judged by us, relatives, and friends. Only the best and selected recipes will be published on this website.
We would be glad if you would try one or more of the recipes. Please leave your feedback by using the comment form. Of course, we will also be glad if you give us further recipe ideas or advice on how to improve a particular recipe. Every opinion, as long as it is not insulting, is welcome.

As the recipes will be cooked many times, there will likely be improvements, which we will update from time to time. We therefore recommend to have a look at our recipes regularly – for Foodprincess is a growing project.

You do not need much time nor a great deal of money to cook the recipes presented on this website. The preparation time of the recipes takes not more than an hour, on average 30 minutes. Furthermore, we do not use exotic or overpriced ingredients for our recipes, which is unfortunately often the case in modern cookbooks or TV shows about cooking that are currently in vogue. Our recipes are easy to understand. Since we have a clear structure, everyone will be able to cook them.

Despite the fact that Claudia goes to work, cares for our children, and does the housework, she still has enough time to cook all these delicious recipes. This is the reason why she founded Foodprincess, in order to show you that it works.

Each of these recipes were collected from various newspapers, magazines and books. Other ones were forwarded by family members. Claudia merely changed some ingredients to suit our preferences.

As we always want to have a reasonable meal, Claudia pays attention to a healthy and balanced nutrition. Wherever possible, all the meals were prepared with fresh ingredients.
Every meal is made fresh and most of the ingredients are not from cans. They are quick to prepare and delicious to eat. Even better! Try it by yourself.

Last, but not least:
Claudia made an apprenticeship as an office administrator, and she has never worked as a cook. She just cooks for pleasure. She wants to know which ingredients are in our food. It gives her and us a more secure feeling. Even our entire well-being changed to the positive. We now feel more attractive, since we have stopped counting calories. This has become true due to the healthy, light, fresh and conscious diet. Moreover, we easily lost weight in a couple of weeks.

If we can, you also can do it – You can cook!

Our motto has become:
“Fast Food was yesterday, Fast Cuisine is now!”

Now, go on and enjoy Foodprincess!

Happy cooking,
Claudia & Robert

A short note from Robert, the translator:
Although I have never visited an English speaking country, I have translated all articles from German into English. It was sometimes hard to find the right word to express the original authors ideas. In advance, I would like to apologize for any orthographic or grammatical mistakes I might have done in my translations. Feel free to give me a hint as a comment or contact me. I appreciate the help.

You may support us:
Foodprincess is an absolute free of charge website. However, hosting costs money, so if you like this project please make a donation. We will use your money to increase the quality of the site in general. Thank you in advance for being so cooperative. (A PayPal account is not necessary!)